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Amilcar Gonz lez D az was born in Arafo on March 21, 1916 at ten o'clock in the morning, being the son of Mr. Manuel Gonz lez Fari, a native of Candelaria and Do a Celia D az Rodr guez who was from Arafo. On August 2 of that same year I received the baptism in the parish of San Juan Degollado de Arafo by the hand of the parish priest, Hildebrando Reboso Ayala. They were given the names of Amilcar Victoriano and was his godmother Do to Julia Hern ndez Hern ndez.

In 1945, he formed with other doctors of the aforementioned group the Nivaria orchestra, which acts in numerous towns of the insular geography, reaching a deserved prestige.

In 1956, when the 'anda La Candelaria ', lacking a director and responsible for his academy, was going through his worst moments, he was invited by several araferos to take charge of the direction of the group and his academy. Despite the great challenge of accepting the assignment, rejecting professional offers from important locations on the island.

Under the direction of Don Amilcar, the group has developed a great activity, because its good musical work soon gave good results, once new students were incorporated into the group.

His Band La Candelaria dedicated to him in 2001 his first record work, which he titled 'AL MASTER ' in whose presentation a historical semblance of his work was made.It was unfair to finish this biography of Don Am lcar Glez D az not to mention the immense role he plays in his life, his wife, Do a Francisca Gil Gar ...

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