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The history of the musical groupings of Arafo begins on January 10, 1860 with the deb t of a children's music band called 'Numancia ', about 15 children aged between 8 and 16 years old, directed by Lu s Otazo Marrero and to liven up the main local parties.

The debut was not long in coming, and on January 10, 1860 he made a musical band called 'Numancia ', consisting of about 15 members between the ages of 8 and 16, on the platform next to the parish church. Thus began the journey of this group, intervening thereafter in the main festivals of the town.

Banda de música Numancia

The political ups and downs will also influence their activities. In 1868, once the monarchy of Isabel II fell and the Superior Board of the Province was constituted in Santa Cruz, they decided in Arafo to form under the leadership of the Batista family, a Local Board in order to govern the destinies of the town. To celebrate, some fans who made up the music band came out playing in the streets giving some live freedom.

On May 6, 1871 a significant event took place in the town: the visit of the Bishop of the Nivariense Diocese, Jos Mar to Urquinaona and Bidot, which was received ' with music and very significant demonstrations of the People ' in the which put another action of the 'Numancia '.

She was invited to the proclamation acts of the First Republic in 1873, executing liberal hymns, which earned them the thanks of then Mayor Domingo Garc for her good behavior. Likewise, their participation in religious festivities such as those of Thursday and Good Friday, Corpus and Eighth in 1875 was usual, for which they charged 160 reais of vell n u037E Thursday and Good Friday and Corpus of 1876, receiving 120 reais of vell and Thursday and Good Friday of 1877, remunerated with 60 vell n reais and which were collected by its director Eladio Hern ndez.

However, the first major performance of the 'Nulence ' that we have on record occurred on December 7, 1883 on the occasion of the so-called ' Party of the cable ', when the arrival to Santa Cruz of the telephonic line was celebrated that comes out of Cdiz. As there was no band in the capital, the municipalities of La Laguna, Realejo Bajo, La Orotava, San Juan de la Rambla, La Matanza and Arafo sent theirs. Two of these played during the busy mooring ceremony in the morning and at night, the remaining four enlivened a walk through Constitution Square, Castillo Street and La Marina Mall. He also took part in the pastoral visit made by the Bishop of the Ramon Torrijos and G mez a Arafo diocese on May 2, 1889.

On August 28, 1903, during the festivities of Arafo, he made his debut as director Belisario Garc a Siliuto, a young man belonging to an important local family and who emerged as a notable euphonium.

During the stage of Don Belisario there was an important renovation of the repertoire, because the pasodobles characteristics and procession marches, dancers of the time like the mazurca, the foxtrot, the habanera, the tango and some were added pear fragments that had returned emigrants from Cuba. The band got a decent rehearsal room in a house located on La Libertad Street (now General Franco) owned by their brother, Jos Garc a Siliuto, a person who influenced ...

During the celebration of a feast of Santa Cecilia, probably 1910, there were a series of disagreements between various components of the group, which led to the resignation of Belisario Garc Siliuto as director.

But undoubtedly, the 'Numancia ', without its incumbent director, was going through critical moments. As the management parties approached and were unable to act, the first mayor Tomas de Mesa decided to mediate in the matter. He requested the services of Mr. Arnay, who was an inspector of consumptions in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, requesting that his mayor give him fifteen days of leave in order to prepare the tests. Arnay came to Arafo and the band was able to play on August 28 and 29. Shortly afterwards, Belisario Garc a Siliuto joined the front of it again.

By July 1916 the group is renamed as 'Nivaria ' when it is considered that the island of Tenerife was best represented, and by 1917 they renewed their uniformity.


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-VV AA: Heritage of the historic center of the town of Arafo, Final Master's Project in the rehabilitation of built heritage, CICOP, 2004.

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