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Located outside the urban center of Arafo, close to that of the so-called 'monte de Los Frailes ', are located the lands that in 1620 the Dominican friars of Candelaria bought in Arafo from D.Tom s Pacheco Sol s, in order to transfer all his sanctuary of the Virgin, for fear of pirate attacks that approached the coast of the Valley. It was also agreed to build the Capilla Mayor with its own assets. Although the planned transfer was not made, ignoring whether or not the planned building was carried out, or if it was delayed. Since the walls of a large chapel are still preserved in the ruins of the alquer at 'La Farm ', to be a simple oratory, since it covers about 150 m2.

The Dominicans, like the Augustinians settled in 'Lo de Ramos ', had annual taxes for donations of land to the Araferos, who cultivated them and put them into operation. Paying the corresponding taxes to the Order of the Royal convent of Our Lady of Candelaria. Thus, this Dominican settlement was operational from the mid-seventeenth century, until the arrival of Desamortizaci n de Mendiz bal (1836), where after the State seized these properties of the Dominicans, the houses of 'La Granja ' and the adjacent estate passed , after auction, at the hands of a local owner, Mr. Juan Pedro Batista Torres remaining within the family estates, until Mr. Ricardo Rodr Guez Curbelo, who was mayor of Arafo, acquired the land and buildings, rebuilding and roofing some rooms to live ...

Asentamiento La Granja

Currently the building has a state of ruin and abandonment. Even subsequent interventions over the years have been able to alter its original appearance, referring to the description provided by Octavio Rodr guez Delgado, in his article: The links of Arafo with the Dominican convent of Candelaria. the hacienda and the chapel of 'la farm of the friars '

In the farmhouse of 'La Farm ' the friars had an oratory or chapel, in which a portrait of the Virgin of the Virgin of Candelaria was venerated. This was transferred to the Cave of San Blas after the 1826 hint that made the old image of the Patroness disappear, as the prelate did not give him the reply venerated in the parish of Adeje.

The ruinous construction of the farmhouse and oratory of La Granja is still preserved in the highlands of Arafo, as a silent testimony of the passage of Dominican friars through the town. It shows various facilities that, according to oral tradition, correspond to: the chapel at the top, 25 x 6 m; below, and attached to said chapel, the kitchen and three adjoining rooms; another room of greater size, separated by a corridor corridor of the previous ones; a courtyard where the tower could be; a large cellar; another room the end of it; the distillery room on the other side of the road; an era; and three winery stones scattered throughout.

Asentamiento La Granja

AREA The Farm
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Asentamiento La Granja

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