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The La Candelaria Musical Artistic Group was founded in 1926 by the will of a group of musicians who, in 1924, decided to form a new group in Arafo. In its creation, a series of people from the neighboring town of Candelaria who organized processions of the Patroness of the Canary Islands, having no music band in that town and who contacted this group to offer their support, were of great importance.

After a relatively short period of preparation they made their presentation in public on February 2, 1926, from the Virgen de Candelaria, taking their name from there, under the direction of Juan Hardisson and composed of the Second musicians Ferrera Gil (tromb n), Telesforo P rez Marrero (bass), Antonio D az Fari a (euphonium), Claudio Rodr guez Rodr guez (tromb n), Juan P rez Fari a (trompa), Luis Coello D az (saxof n alto), Juan Mesa P rez (fliscorno), Jos Albertos Flores (saxof n tenor), Fernando Coello Romero (clarinet), Domingo Garc a Amaro (clarinet and cymbals), Claudio Mesa Fari a (requinto), Luis Fari a Curbelo ( clarinet) and Eladio Albertos Mesa (bass drum) and Cdido Mesa Rodr guez (clarinet), being its first president, Juan Batista Batista u037E vice president, Alfonso Ferrera Rodr guez u037E treasurer,

Jos Castro P rez u037E secretary Luis Coello D az u037E deputy secretary Antonio D az Fari a u037E first vocal Juan Mesa P rez and second vocalist Eladio Albertos Mesa.

The rehearsal room was a house owned by Juan Batista Batista on the street of Count Belascoa n (today Mario Marrero Fari a), to pass ...

His presentation in Arafo, on May 24, 1926, the feast of Mar to Auxiliadora, was made on the esplanade of the church, already directed by Cido Mesa. They also intervened during the festivities, specifically on August 29, 1926. Throughout that period, the band's tabs are common in the neighboring Marian municipality: at the Santa Ana parties, the virgin of Candelaria or carnivals.

'La Candelaria ' stretch their uniformity in Igueste year 1927, being already directed by Segundo Ferrera Gil.

But in Arafo the politics continued. The City Council had to clarify at the end of 1927 before the Civil Government all the questions related to the use of the kiosk, among other things that there is no animadversi na 'La Candelaria ' despite the fact that three of its councilors are physicians of the another company and that the high part of the temple cannot be assigned due to the contract signed with the other band.

Agrupación La Candelaria

The policy on the use of the kiosk of the Plaza de Arafo continued all these years, until the other Company resigned through an official letter addressed to the mayor on August 24 its prerogative to use exclusively the upper part of the mentioned temple 'La Candelaria ' intervene practically in all the festivities that were celebrated in the municipality: San Jos, Mar to Auxiliadora, La Concepci, the patron celebrations u037E also in Holy Week, in funerals and in addition were frequent Touches at the Casino 'Club Central '. Outside of Arafo they acted in the neighboring municipality of G mar, both the feast of the Christ of Limpias, and that of San Pedro u037E in Candelaria, both for the feast of the Virgin and for Santa Ana, Igueste, Barranco Hondo and subsequently began to be invited to the parties of Arico, San Miguel, Adeje, El Rosario, Las Galletas. Transfers were usually made in trucks, placing boards between their railings so that the doctors could sit. Sometimes, since there are no branches that will communicate the towns with the general road, they had to make the route on foot or on horseback, in mules, camels, etc. Generally the performances were: playing and singing the masses and religious functions, accompanying the procession and ending with a concert in the square.

In 1939 Segundo Ferrera left the direction of the band in the hands of Antonio D az Fari a (father) and the deputy director of Cdido Albertos Fari a. In 1943 Antonio D az Fari a (son) was appointed director and deputy director of Secundino D az Fari a. On March 26, 1946 he was appointed director of ' La Candelaria ', Ernesto Correa Negr and deputy director of Antonio D az Fari a (son). On February 1, 1948 they participated in the act of labeling Teobaldo Power Street (formerly La Paz Street), on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, interpreting a pasodoble prior to the discovery of the order.

Agrupación La Candelaria

Despite the economic hardships, the band reap many successes in the certifications of bands that took place in May on the occasion of the Spring festivities. Thus, they obtain the first prize in the 1950 contest held in the bullring of Santa

Cross on the occasion of the May holidays, interpreting as obligatory work 'Los Cantos Canarios ' by Teobaldo Power and as a piece of free choice a selection of the zarzuela 'La Alegr a de la Huerta '. His rehearsal room had gone from a barn of which he was the owner or one of its founders, Lu s Coello, to a house of Oscar Rodr guez Mesa on General Franco Street. Until in 1955 the town hall assigned a place on the ground floor of the Town Hall with the condition that all the costs of conditioning and cleaning are borne by the band and that the assignment has only provisional character. Despite this eventuality, 'La Candelaria ' remained there for a total of 22 years.

Agrupación La Candelaria

The following year 'La Candelaria ' repeat another second prize, although this time the bands moved parading from the Plaza del Principe to the Garc Municipal Park to Sanabria where the contest was verified on May 10, 1959, instead of the bullring, usual site of past certifications.

But the conclusion of that magnificent palm is obtained in the contest held on May 15, 1960, this time of provincial character and in which 'La Candelaria ' brilliantly obtained the first prize, interpreting a selection of the zarzuela 'Gigantes y Cabezudos ' as a must and the overture 'Rosamunda ' as a piece of free choice. One of the young musicians who were part of the band in those years was Agust n ngel Garc a D az, who over time became the youngest conductor of Spain, until an accident of aviation according to his life in La Coru a (Spain) in 1973.

Throughout the decade of the sixty 'La Candelaria ' it goes through a great moment and becomes one of the best band formations of the islands, to such an extent that during the acts of delivery of the Medal of Santa Cruz to Maestro T rridas, participated out of the contest thanks to the efforts of the councilman of the Santacrucero city council Andr s Orozco Maffiotte, in a contest specially organized for such an event, since the last contest was that of 1960. The concurrent bands were: San Andr s, San Juan de la Rambla, Buenavista and G Mar.

They are years of splendor for the group, with inn ...

Agrupación La Candelaria

At the beginning of each of the fifty 'La Candelaria ' suffered great vicissitudes. Maestro Correa leaves the band in 1954, being replaced by Juan Contreras, brigade of the music band of the Infantry Regiment of Tenerife n 49, who was very few months in the group. When they were without a director and with many casualties, several doctors contacted that year with Am lcar Gonz lez D az, who had left the other band the previous year, with the only commitment to rehearse processions so that the Candelaria ' could play at the festival of San Pedro de G mar. Until April 1, 1957 is officially appointed director. With Am lcar Gonz lez, new physicians joined the training after a great academic work and the group was gaining in quality and tuning.

This intense work benefited from successive awards in different certifications of bands held in Santa Cruz. Certainly, on May 11, 1958 'La Candelaria ' obtains the second prize, obligatorily interpreting the overture 'Egmont ' of Beethoven and of free choice a selection of the 2 act of 'Don Gil de Alcal ', of the teacher Penella

Agrupación La Candelaria

In 1997, there was also the relay in the direction, which passes to Roberto Javier Pestano Gonz lez, although in reality this relay has been taking place gradually since about six years ago, in which D Am lcar shares the direction of the Band with Roberto Pestano. In the year 2000, the Youth Band of the La Candelaria Musical Artistic Group was created, where the students of the Academy began their musical activity, under the direction of Mr. Jos Carlos Fari to P rez, having consolidated the same , based on a series of actions that oblige its components to a more demanding preparation.

All this results in a higher quality of the actions they perform. During these years they have performed numerous actions not only within the municipality, but outside it. In 2001 'La Candelaria ' celebrated the 75th anniversary of its first performance u037E for this reason, it participated in the procession of the patron saint of the Canary Islands held in Candelaria on February 2, just as it happened in 1926, delivered an acknowledgment by the Town Hall of the Villa Mariana in the plenary hall of its Town Hall and on February 3 they held a concert in the Auditorium 'Juan Carlos I '. In the interim they gave distinctions to the musicians who obtained the first prize in the provincial music band contest that took place in the bullring of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on May 15, 1960.

Within the cultural program 'L The four music stations in V ...

Agrupación La Candelaria
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