Villa de Arafo
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Rural -

This small building of a rural character and that could be built during the 19th century, is located in one of the cross-sections that overlook the street of Mario Marreo Fari that was configured on the historic aboriginal transhumant road that joins the summit and the coast of the G Mar Valley. This is related to the old Calvary located at the base of the centennial pine and today houses the Chapel of the Lord of the Pine, erected in the nineteenth century, with the Plaza de San Juan Degollado.

1ª Transversal Mario Marrero Fariña

Single-storey house with rectangular floor plan. The construction overlooks an exterior corridor, which may be how the rooms are communicated. In the rear part new constructions have been annexed.
The walls are made with mamposter collected inside by stone and mud, and lime mortar outside.
On the facade you can see six openings, four doors, a window and a window attached to one of the doors.
The carpenter is simple, without decorations beyond rectangular frames in two of the doors, the other being simply wooden boards.
The roof is inclined with a curved tile, made in three waters.

1ª Transversal Mario Marrero Fariña


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS 1 Tranversal Mario Marrero Fari a (before 1 transversal Count Belascoaim)


X 361,102.89

And 3,135,730.71

1ª Transversal Mario Marrero Fariña

VV AA: Heritage of the historic center of the town of Arafo , Final Master's Project in the rehabilitation of built heritage, CICOP, 2004.

Fari a Pestano, F .: The History of Arafo , City Hall of Arafo. 2004

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1ª Transversal Mario Marrero Fariña Calle Mario Marrero Fariña - Cat:Calles