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This was the convent church of the order of Santo Domingo, an enclosure founded in the early eighteenth century from a church already built in the seventeenth century. The entire property was part of a donation from the Gaspar Carrasco Rodr Guez captain, a neighbor of La Orotava, who had ceded various properties to that end. The authorization document of the Convent is February 10, 1725.

At that time, the conventual area extended along its left side, now converted into City Hall, and it is now possible to contemplate some primitive vestiges. Its church, today is an exhibition hall and, still exhibits the main altarpiece of the original temple, dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. We also enjoyed the altarpiece of Our Lady of the Rosary piece of stonework and mamposter sponsored by the Dominican Order. It has this temple, although very deteriorated, the only rampage with mural paintings that can be seen throughout Lanzarote. In the lower part of it is an ossuary, unique to the ecclesiastical heritage of the island, inside a temple.

Convento de Santo Domingo

GUIDE OF THE VILLA DETEGUISE. Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote. 2003

Address: A. Sebastian n Hern ndez Gutierrez y Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort

Drafting: Francisca Mar to Perera Betancort, Guacimara Batista Rivero, Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort and A.Sebasti n Hern ndez Guti rrez.

Photograph: Jos Farray, V deo Humer, Photographic Fund of the Historical Archive of Teguise and Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

Convento de Santo Domingo

It has two ships, the main one has dimensions of 36 square meters by 8 meters wide and has five steps to climb the altar. It is separated from the side a little smaller, by four semicircular arches, from canter to red and black.

In the facade of noble composition, two large doors and a glass window stand out. The symbols of the Dominican Order appear in red on the right door. The doors are half a point and are framed with pliers. Both doors are double with frames. The facade of the lateral nave is straight and square.

The roof is of gable roofs in the ships and four waters in the chapels. The basic stone chapel attached to its right side lost its roofs in the 19th century.

Inside it is worth mentioning the eighteenth century.

In 1956 the municipal authorities agreed to carry out a series of remodeling on it, which was already destined for Town Halls and Public Schools. The building once completed presented a flat roof-shaped roof. The walls are made of pebbled stone, facade with a carved cover with a semicircular arch of red tuff and a wooden balustrade.

Convento de Santo Domingo
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