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It occupies part of the solar primitive that extends to the Plaza de San Francisco. On July 18, 1954, the Teguise Medical House was inaugurated. The building was built with funds from the Ministry of the Interior. Social Work of the phalanx and the contribution of the Cabildo de Lanzarote. Thanks to this, it was possible to erect a building that counted in addition to the rooms of a house with room for the provisional installation of sick people, sanitary dispensary, emergency kit, laboratory and offices.

The property represents the mark left by the Francoist architecture in Teguise, since its project followed the model of what has been called the architecture of the economic command, since it is this military body that promoted the equipment of the Lake Archipelago in response to the desolation n left after the Spanish civil war. It is currently the headquarters of the Association of the Third Age and the Office of Women.

Currently occupies the facilities of the Municipal Radio of Teguise

Casa del Médico

GUIDE OF THE VILLA DETEGUISE. Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote. 2003

Address: A. Sebastian n Hern ndez Gutierrez y Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort

Drafting: Francisca Mar to Perera Betancort, Guacimara Batista Rivero, Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort and A.Sebasti n Hern ndez Guti rrez.

Photograph: Jos Farray, V deo Humer, Photographic Fund of the Historical Archive of Teguise and Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

Casa del Médico
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