- Arquitectura Doméstica. La Casa Popular -

This property belonged to the Robayna family during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but since the second half of the twentieth century became the property of the Perdomo family, being subsequently, in 1988, acquired by the Excelent simo City Hall of La Villa de Teguise.

After an important rehabilitation in which some of the primitive rooms of the mud jar house were respected, the Historical Archive was installed in this house.

GUIDE OF THE VILLA DETEGUISE. Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote. 2003

Address: A. Sebastian n Hern ndez Gutierrez y Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort

Drafting: Francisca Mar to Perera Betancort, Guacimara Batista Rivero, Mar to Antonia Perera Betancort and A.Sebasti n Hern ndez Guti rrez.

Photograph: Jos Farray, V deo Humer, Photographic Fund of the Historical Archive of Teguise and Historical Heritage Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote.

Located at one of the extremes of the historic Villa de Teguise complex, very close to the Maciot square of Bethencourt, it occupies a corner plot, with facades to the butcher streets and Juan de Bethencourt. It is a traditional urban house of Teguise.

It had three rooms (two with windows to the outside), a dining room, a corridor, a central courtyard with a cistern, kitchen, bathroom, an interior patio with access to the street and a small barn.

The old dining room is today the central room of the archive, the patio and hallway corresponds to the reading and work room. The joined rooms are the fund store, and the patio has been conditioned as a municipal newspaper library.

The main facade has two windows and a large two-leaf door, with a stone staircase and arch, stone jambs and corner corners. The ceilings are made of tea, the flat roof and the external walls are corrugated.

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