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The absence of documentary sources on the construction of this characteristic dwelling located on Castillo Street, has forced a hypothetical study to researchers such as Darias Prince, on its construction and author. Although in what they do not doubt it is in their own ecc ctic character of the constructions that during the nineteenth century were happening in the capital of Santa Cruz. This same author assumes that its design corresponds chronologically between u2018classicism and protoeclecticism u2019.

It was named as, Casa de los Grifos, due to the use of this decorative resource as the crowning of the gaps in the main facade.

At present, the building comprises a large commercial space that covers each one of its plants, having been drastically reformed inside, incorporating a hydraulic lift seen located on the left side of it.

Casa de los Grifos

This house is presented by means of two floors that border Calle del Castillo, and three towards Calle La Palma, at the rear.

In the main facade four openings are opened per floor, in the lower part in the form of doors (which denotes its function as a warehouse) and in the upper part, four large windows, where the two sides have a balustrade sill of concrete, and the two centrals are connected by means of a crushing balcony supported by some mussels.

In this upper part, the ornamentation of the windows is done more repeatedly. The openings are under reduced arches, with decoration on the top. Doing a brief investigation about the symbology represented in the upper part of the openings, we find a caduceus flanked by two taps or taps. From this symbol we can interpret that it could refer to the disposition of an establishment of medicinal supplies as old apothecaries since in the center of both taps the symbol of the caduceus, characteristic of medicine and medicine is very jealous pharmacy; but the following interpretation extrapolates us to other cultures, where the Sumerian deity Gizzida or Ningizzida is clearly symbolized along with another called Enki, to which the creation of human beings in the beliefs of ancient Mesopotamia is attributed.

The crowning, with balusters or columns of cement between plinths adorned these last ones with covered glasses.

On the facade towards La Palma s ...

Casa de los Grifos

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS Calle del Castillo, 25 La Palma, 18.

Casa de los Grifos

Degree of protection: Partial.

BIC environment Set Historic Old Santa Cruz.

PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Casa de los Grifos

- General Plan of Management of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Vol. 3 Volume 3.2.1-3, file n. 199.

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Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.
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Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

Casa de los Grifos
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