Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Sixto Machado P rez-Windy, a native of Puerto de la Cruz north of Tenerife, was a great entrepreneur and trader in Tenerife. Not having reached the age of majority, fixed his residence in London to establish his company of reception, distribution and export of fruit and agricultural products, Sixto Machado & Company, in the vicinity of the important commercial area of Covent Garden . After many years of living in the English city, in 1914 they decided to move back to the island with their five children and his wife due to health problems of Machado himself settling in the now capital, Santa Cruz, in a mansion. to build on some land of the current Tio Pino near the Barranco del Hierro.

This mansion of four heights, was devised by the Valladolid architect Mariano Estanga adhering to the aesthetic canons of the time such as eclecticism and historicism, which knew how to combine ingeniously along with certain modernist reminiscences. The proper function of the dwelling was not only of the housing type, but also certain aspects of the rural houses of the country villas had to be incorporated without losing the idiosyncrasy of a country hotel that fascinated Santa Cruz's bourgeois society so much.

In addition, its situation was no coincidence, since Sixto Machado himself would be aware of its location in the vicinity of the Barranco del Hierro as well as the road that connected Santa Cruz with the city of La Laguna.
After a prosperous period of the Machado family as inhabitants of ...

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)

The structure of the house is formed by means of two rectangular cracks that are joined by two oblique axes creating an obtuse angle, articulated in its central part by a tower with battlements.

The main access is located in the northernmost part by means of a four-sided marble staircase that has a concrete balustrade along its entire length.

Each of the facades has a balcony, where the one on the west façade stands out: a closed balcony with a flat ceramic tile roof, garlands on the outer sills and glass enclosures, and also, a closed balcony in L-shaped (square) that is located on the third floor, reminiscent of the Canarian balconies of the rural estates, supported by braces and mussels.

The openings of the facades are developed in different styles where we can find both ogival and straight formation or even with lowered arches. In many cases, these openings are still closed with large stained glass windows colored in green, blue and yellow tones.

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

ZONE District Ofra-Costa Sur

Camino del Hierro ADDRESS - Av. Sim n Bolivar

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)

The rehabilitation of 2011

After years of abandonment and even having been a refuge for the homeless and having suffered infinite acts of vandalism, the City Council undertook the restoration of the property to convert it into a socio-cultural center and the Municipal School of Music of the town.

The building presented not only static problems, but also a serious threat due to its imminent danger of collapse.

The architects in charge of the rehabilitation considered the importance of the conservation and recovery of the elements of the facades that characterized the property, since in the interior, and after the different modifications in the years 30 and 40, be impossible .

In addition, under a deep respect in the aesthetics of the same, the annexation of a volume of concrete that houses the new auditorium of the School, combined virtuously without detracting from the rest of the building.

The remodeling of the interior meant a change of space to adapt them to the new use of the building.

According to some critics, the new vision of the building recalls briefly the English pictoricism once these characteristic elements of the facade have been recovered.

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)

Degree of Protection: Integral.

File for declaration of BIC initiated by Resolution of 5-2-2001.

PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)

- General Plan of Management of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Vol. 3 Volume 3.2.1-3, file n. 720.

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Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.
Miguel ngel Fern ndez Matr n.
Jos Luis D will read Mart nez.
Armiche lvarez P rez.
Sendy Hern ndez lvarez.

Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

Casa Sixto Machado (Antiguo Cuartel Guardia Civil)
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