Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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This house is located in the emblematic Barrio de Los Hoteles of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and is popularly known as Casa Gabarda.

Although there are no rigorous data on its construction and author, some researchers have dated the property around 1896 and 1900, and it is attributed to a double author of the architects Antonio Pintor and Federico Sol y Escabia. Its promotion is said to be of the Society of Buildings and urban reforms, due to its location and date, since at that time one of the extensions of the city was taking place towards the peripheries near the Barrio de El Toscal.

Casa Gabarda

The building is discovered as a small or two-story palace with a trapezoidal floor whose coronation stands out the front with floral decoration, which is located as a chamfer between the streets Jes Sy Mar and the Rambla de Santa Cruz. The irregular shape of the construction suggests that at the time of its construction the road layouts had not been established, and therefore subsequently undergo a series of transformations. The facades are symbolic with rectangular openings in vertical arrangement, arranged in two, with colored alfiz.

On the face of the chamfered façade, the sills and closed balcony of the windows on the first floor stand out. In tower n, on each of its faces, an ajimez appears with semicircular arches on a ledge that surrounds the perimeter of tower n. As a coronation of the facades whose height only advances to the first floor, a blind balustrade and three pediments of smaller size than the one located in tower n.

The carpenter is made of wood, both in windows and in the shutters.
The polygonal sgraffids of the friezes in the upper part of the first floor openings stand out, as well as their coloration, which is attributed to the master of works Catalan n. The rich decoration that can be seen in the tower is also also conferred on this architect.

The wall of the outer closure is of mamposter and there is a balustrade in jealousy at whose head there are iron arches where ...

Casa Gabarda

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS Rambla de S / C, 102; Jes and Mar Street a.

Casa Gabarda

The house is currently in a state of abandonment, so it is possible that inside there are various conditions that occur in both walls and carpenters. There are a number of chipping of the facade cladding that can be seen from the street, as well as the metallic entrance door that is completely rusted.

Casa Gabarda

Degree of protection: Partial.

BIC 06 and BIC Monument Set Historic Neighborhood of the Hotels-Pino de Oro. PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Casa Gabarda

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Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.
Miguel ngel Fern ndez Matr n.
Jos Luis D will read Mart nez.
Armiche lvarez P rez.
Sendy Hern ndez lvarez.

Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

Casa Gabarda
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