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The Barrio de los Hoteles is a group of houses with great architectural beauty located in the center of the capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The neighborhood emerged during the expansion of the city at the end of the 19th century, specifically in 1889, under the path of M. de C Mara, conceived as a residential complex for the rich owners of banana plantations and the new business bourgeois, and finally residential area for the political class santacrucera. This, in turn, stands out for its great eclectic and historicist architecture of the late nineteenth century, which gives it great value and makes it listed as a Cultural Interest Site under the category of Historic Ensemble called Barrio de Los Hotels-Golden Pine.

Among the most representative authors of this architecture found in the Barrio de Los Hoteles are the following: Mariano Estaga, Manuel de C mara, Antonio Pintor Ocete, Domingo Pisaca, Jos Blasco, Enrique Rumeu de Armas among others; who were part of the Society of Urban Buildings and Reforms (SERU).

Barrio de los Hoteles. Pino de Oro

It is located between the M ndez N ez street and the Rambla de Santa Cruz and on the sides the Robayna and Numancia streets (bordering the Garc Park to Sanabria). And in the center of this neighborhood we find 25 de Julio Avenue and its respective square called by the same name, but also known as the Plaza de los Patos, which was paved between 1927-8, according to n the news found in the newspaper La Prensa of 1927.

We can find in this neighborhood important entities such as educational centers: the Spanish Hispanic College, University of the Third Age, among others. In addition, the Subdelegation of the Government, the building of the City Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the headquarters of the National Police in Santa Cruz, the Bank of Spain, the Delegation of Defense in the Canary Islands, are located in this neighborhood. among others.

Barrio de los Hoteles. Pino de Oro

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS Hotel District u2013Pino de Oro

Barrio de los Hoteles. Pino de Oro

The Barrio de los Hoteles due to its declaration as a BIC and being part of the protection catalog maintains a fairly optimal state of preservation. However, there are specific cases such as Plaza Twenty-fifth of July that presents serious deterioration and damage as in its banks, its chess floors and fountain. The Church of San Jorge, the old Castelo Pharmacy and other significant buildings have a good state.

Declaration: Decree 67. 04/02/2007

Category: Historical set Opening: Resolution 05/04/2005

PGOU Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Protection catalog.

This area is developed by a Special Protection Plan (PEP) that must maintain the characteristics that particularize the area, already winged; Therefore, any new intervention will have the task of preserving, consolidating and / or restoring them, and if there is a building replacement, it must be adapted to the contiguous buildings and characteristics of the environment. This area includes buildings subject to individual protection standards with their corresponding records.

Barrio de los Hoteles. Pino de Oro

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Barrio de los Hoteles. Pino de Oro
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