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Walking through the Garc Park to Sanabria, you can see the immensity of species that are found there and that have been populating throughout its entire length, making a tour of different countries and continents. Different specialists in botica have compiled each one of them for their later study and putting in vegetable catalog of the park. The PGO of Santa Cruz defines the Garc Park grove in Sanabria as a u2018 especially significant in the urban environment of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, [ u2026] with a protection regime consisting of its special preservation in all those urban operations that could affect you (s), in which case the protection measures issued in each case by the municipal area responsible for the environment u2019 will be established.

On the other hand, it could be said that, from the beginning of its construction, the social implication of the Santacruceros was undoubtedly when donations of botanical species for the park's land began, as documented in the different edicts Transcribed in the newspapers of the time.

The lands where the park was being built were nothing more than embankments that had been a cultivation area for the neighbors of the adjoining neighborhoods. When the clearing works began, many of the trees that were found there were cut down except for some.

They also require special attention to the different species close to the park since its history tells us the different ways of life in the area here ...

Arboleda del Parque García Sanabria

The flora of the park has a rich collection of ornamental plants, mostly exotic, of tropical and subtropical origin. There are also species that are endemic to the islands, such as palm trees, dragon trees, bougainvillea, u2026, tree, shrub and floral species, whether they are plantations or non-existent plants in aquatic gardens.

In addition to this small list that is shown reflecting the plant biodiversity that the Park possesses, there are up to 70 more varieties of arboreal and floral species that live in the Garc a Sanabria. From roses to orchids, through a large garden of cacti and dragon trees, more endless palms and palms from different parts of the world. Near the Paseo Marcos Guimer, there is a small area popularly known as u2018jard n of the aromas u2019 with typical Mediterranean species where in addition to a large olive tree, there are different aromatic species such as mint, rosemary, .., and others not as common as Indian curry plants.

Arboleda del Parque García Sanabria

Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica)
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Origin: tropical Africa and Asia

Perhaps one of the few or only species that was conserved during the construction of the park. This tree located on Numancia Street, appears uniquely on the park's side walk and not in the interior areas where the other species are found. The tamarind is known to all park visitors who do not hesitate to leave the route to contemplate its majesty.

This evergreen tree can reach 25 meters high. Its trunk of gray bark and rough in excess, can get to look corky. The tree canopy is abundant with large branches scattered horizontally.

Bengal fig tree, Banyan (Ficus Benghalensis, Linn)
Family: Moraceae
Origin: India

evergreen tree that can reach up to 15 meters high thanks to its large canopy, the trunk is not short of pale bark and certain horizontal fissures. The leaves are large oval shaped dark green cori ceas, characterized by its yellowish vein in front of the greenery of its leaves.

Mahogany (Swietenia Mahagoni)
Family: Meliaceae
Origin: Florida and the Antilles

evergreen tree that can measure up to 25 meters high. Pinnate leaves of folioles the peaks, illuminated. Small and white flowers. Especially appreciated in ebanister a and carpinter for the quality and robustness of its colored wood ...

Arboleda del Parque García Sanabria

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS Garc Park in Sanabria


X 377.249.06

And 3,150,163.38

VV.AA. Descriptive guide of the Municipal Park Garc a Sanabria of Sta. Cruz de Tenerife. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Insular Board of Tourism, 1978

PALERM SALAZAR, JM, & TABARES DE NAVA Y MAR N, L. (2008). Architecture as landscape: a garden in the Atlantic. Garc Park to Sanabria. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Ediciones Saquiro, SL

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