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- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

In this large space next to the Guimer Theater, on the other side of the Plaza de Santo Domingo, you will find the u2018Market New u2019 or, as later referred to as, the u2018Recova Vieja u2019 work of the burgal architect Manuel de Ora and Arch in 1851.

This new market comes to replace the first market or recove to be built in the capital in 1813 and located in the u2018Plaza de las Verduras u2019 (located outdoors, between the southwest drum of the missing castle of San Crist bal and the Customs Square, a place that we can place today between the corner of the Olympo building and the Post Office building), at a time when supplies are exposed in a unique way in the streets and ports. When the sea sweeps through this old establishment, the first u2018Recova Vieja u2019 will be replaced around 1850 by the New Market, which will soon come to be called as we know it today: u2018Recova Vieja u2019 or Old Market.

The municipal architect Manuel de Ora will be entrusted with the plans of the Nueva Recova building. As the document of the General Planning Plan says: u2018 This building was intended to guarantee the rational distribution of real estate with social functions in the city u2019 which characterizes an expanding city in which the city was becoming santacrucera, which was at that time under its new rank of capital.

After the confiscation, the Amortization Board and the mayor of the Treasury decided to dispose of the land of the former town hall and convent ...

Antiguo Mercado

This building, according to some illustrated by the time, was u2018a building of severe and simple architecture u2019, whose layout in plan reminded them of the Palais-Royal de Paris s framed in the style of romantic classicism. Med a environment at 45x42 meters, although subsequently suffer different modifications.

It is a rectangular building, with a large patio; communicated by two large access doors arranged symmetrically from east to west. With regard to distribution, it maintains the French typology.

In the interior, a porticoed patio with pillars and arches of mampered ashlars, which delimited the 22 positions initially raised: in the north area for the butcher shop to the south, the pescader a, leaving the central part for fruits and vegetables. The building has a basement, without lighting or ventilation, which serves as a warehouse.


With its insufficient spaces remaining, several reforms were sought, the most important being that carried out in 1898: a widening thanks to the placement of a tinglado of iron and crystals, (placed in the current place of the Isla de Madera, called in that then Market Square) known as u2018 iron market u2019. At that time, Antonio Pintor y Ocete was the municipal architect, who was in charge of the design of a market model based on the use of prefabricated pieces of iron, which was carried out at a smelter in the city of London.
According to the documentation ...

Antiguo Mercado

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Centro-Ifara District

ADDRESS Marcos Redondo, 2; Miraflores, 2

Antiguo Mercado

Construction will begin in 1847 and the official inauguration will not take place until July 1851, although it will only be an act to excuse delivery times, since, with the lack of some raw materials such as wood , the work had to be postponed until February of the following year. In 1852, the fish markets that occupied the southern crust were completed. And with the materials at your disposal, the works of the crunch to the north destined for the meat market will continue, although the works will not be completed until 1856.

The four facades are projected two to two symmetrically. The main one towards the Isla de la Madera Square, has an access door with a canter in which previously it is found an iron fence, with a central door with a full arch, topped by cornice and boxes of canter a. The coronation is highlighted on the roof by a plinth, with the inscription 1851 of the date of its inauguration. The use of stone as a decorative-structural element or in the repetition of construction units. The openings are made up of eight doors and eight arched windows, vertically aligned with jambs and stone lintels. Along the outside of the building, there is a z calo and a stone ledge.

Elements of Interest: Stone shield in triangular front n. Stone treatment inside.
Discordant elements: Electric cables on the facade.

Antiguo Mercado

Declaration: Royal Decree 1464/83, of March 16. Delimited by Decree 236/2008, of December 9.

Degree of Protection: Integral u2013 Emblem tica.

BIC Monument, BIC 03 Monument Environment and BIC Ensemble Hist Rico Antiguo Santa Cruz. PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Antiguo Mercado

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Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.

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Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

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