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The Hospital of Our Lady of Los Desamparados was founded in 1745 by two venerated priests, the brothers Rodrigo and Ignacio Logman, one beneficiary of the Parish of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the other, ecclesiastical vicar, who invested time and fortune in creating both the hospital and the chapel of the same name. In the immediate vicinity of the Santos ravine, construction began on April 30, 1745 and was established on the ceded lands by which he was Count de la Gomera and Marquis de Adeje. A good group of residents of the Cabo neighborhood, as well as General Masones, contributed alms to be given them, in 1756, twelve tons more in the Registry of the Indies, which could bring more products to the hospital.

The building underwent several transformations throughout the 19th century, among them the most important was carried out by the provincial architect Manuel de Ora y Arcocha, who elaborated plans for expansion and reform approved in 1863. On March 17, 1888, he was the last of a fire in which much of the building is destroyed. Then there were about 400 people in it, including sick people, psychiatric patients and patients (newborn orphans), as well as staff. In this fire, the death of two children was recorded, something that could have been greater without the help of two French ships that were on the dock and that helped to quell the flames. After the fire, reconstruction work was undertaken under the direction of architect Man ...

Antiguo Hospital Civil

This large building is made up of five cracks, which draw the four large interior courtyards. The different facades were made symmetrically, with a horizontal development in all the lengths of the plot. Elements of Interest: Pediments, pilasters, cornices, friezes and stone architrave. Jambs and stone lintels.

The facade is one of the best examples of neoclassicism in the Canary Islands.

Antiguo Hospital Civil

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Health District ZONE - La Salle

ADDRESS Hospital de los Desamparados, S / N

Antiguo Hospital Civil

The construction consists of two levels with openings, along the entire facade, of lowered arches, a cornice with denticles and a third body of smaller windows. The central part is ennobled with terraced pilasters, individual iron clad balconies and is finished off with front n. The side pavilions repeat the scheme of the central body (pilasters, balconies with clamp and pediments).


Some of the significant works of this building correspond to the first 50 years of its history, in which the lack of funds reduce the possibilities of improvements in the property. In 1826, the center was forced to make repairs due to a strong storm that hit the capital and again, in 1837, the garden that nourishes the center was partially destroyed by an overflow of the Santos ravine.

Later, the town hall will be in charge of hospital units so that in 1853, during the confiscation, the building expansion works will begin. The building had its own cemetery, but after the construction of the cemetery of San Rafael and San Roque, near the Hospital, that land will be won for its expansion. This remodeling work was carried out by the municipal architect Manuel de Ora, in which he also rebuilt the main facade. This extension was carried out in two stages: the first until 1868 and the second from 1875. In 1884, Pray began the demolition works of the former chapel of the ...

Antiguo Hospital Civil

Declaration: Order of December 2, 1983 of the Ministry of Culture. Delimited by Decree 118/2008, of May 27.

Degree of Protection: Integral u2013 Emblem tica.

BIC Monument, BIC 03 Monument Environment and BIC Ensemble Hist Rico Antiguo Santa Cruz. PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Antiguo Hospital Civil

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Antiguo Hospital Civil
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