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The sculpture 'Adolescente ' , is located on the Domingo P rez promenade 'Minik ' within the Garc a Sanabria Park of the capital tinerfe a. It is a sculpture out of the hands of Eladio de la Cruz, was placed in the Park in 1977 presiding over the so-called Pond of the Nen fares.

Adolescente (Eladio de la Cruz)

This sculpture describes a female figure in a seated posture with the inclined trunk, made of bronze and supported on a stone base.


HEIGHT 0 u201980 m

WIDTH 0 u201960 m

FUND 0 u201960 m

Adolescente (Eladio de la Cruz)

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS Garc Park in Sanabria


X 377,146.47

And 3,150,178.85

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Situación dentro del Parque García Sanabria

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