San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Contemporánea. General -

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On the shores of La Laguna. Leocadio Machado ...

Conjunto de cuatro bungalows (Camino Largo)

This unique group of four houses, built in the 1960s, follows the four principles of Le Corbusier architecture.

the forms are determined by the grid, where the simplicity of its lines evokes the rational and suggests a prefabrication system that is richer than real.

The architect Rubns Enriquez resorts to the use of eight concentrated circular pillars, which elevate the habitable containers above the ground, leaving the perimeter structure in cantilever and accentuating their disengagement with the ground, in addition to allowing fan spaces in the inside. The fiber cement plates and the wooden tea booklet shutters that cover the exterior walls are framed by flat concrete slabs. The gardens and exterior views are perfectly chosen and contained. The natural stone wall that connects the houses in zigzag or the curved stairs of access, are some elements that complement such a particular set.

Conjunto de cuatro bungalows (Camino Largo)

The construction and structural system chosen is based on the choice of a prototype for repetition, as it is a building modulated not only in its structure, but also in its enclosures.
The structure, of reinforced concrete seen, is very simple and is solved with two rectangular slabs and eight recessed pillars of the facade line, which have the peculiarity of being hollow to allow the passage of installation ducts. While the structure is projected and executed in situ, the facade enclosure is conceived with prefabricated elements, an ingenious handmade solution of prefabricated sandwich panel in situ, composed of fiber cement plates on the outside, scrape partition inside and insulation of fiberglass between both sheets, which are assembled or posteriori. Solving at the same time the closing and finishing of the facade with only ten centimeters thick.
With regard to the materials used in the homes, in addition to the use of concrete made with basalt noise and the prefabricated on-site panels already mentioned, basic stone is used for the enclosure wall, pine wood tea for the blinds of booklet, profiles of iron for the carpenters and basic slab in the pavements.

Conjunto de cuatro bungalows (Camino Largo)

MUNICIPALITY San Crist bal de La Laguna

ZONE District1- Historic Center

ADDRESS N Universidad Avenue, 29, 31,33,35

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