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San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

The house belonged to the Marquises of Celada since the late nineteenth century and is currently the Hotel Laguna Nivaria.

Alfonso Soriano and Ben tez de Lugo, who was born in this house, in his book "Casas y Familias Laguneras, the Lineages and Palaces of Nava-Grim n and Salazar de Fr as describes verbatim:

In the sixteenth century there should be a house of the Ponte family, since Pedro de Ponte u2013biznieto of Crist bal de Ponte, founder of Garachico- when listing the assets of the old mayorazgo instituted by his grandfather, Don Pedro de Ponte y Vegara is wing In the first place, the main houses that his parents have in the San Miguel de los Angeles square in La Laguna, including his orchard, which have as boundaries: on the one hand the main street that goes from the square to the Monastery of Santo Domingo ; on the other hand, a house of the heirs of Juan de Anchieta and the alley that they called of the Quinteras; in front, the said square and, in the back, the street of the Quinteras ( now Lope de Guerra). These boundaries coincide exactly with those of the house with its orchard until the mid-twentieth century, before the construction of the house-villa of Don Ben Tez de Lugo y Ascanio (son of the XVI Marquis of Celada), Mayor of La Laguna from 1958 to 1964, which occupies the corner of Lope de la Guerra street with that of Santo Domingo, in front of the church of this name.

According to Cioranescu, this house was owned by Francisco de Alzola, a native of Zapeitia, accompanied by Juan de Anchieta to Tenerife in 1525, both of which were established in La Laguna-, later from the Castilla family and later from the Hoyo-Sol rzano .

Since 1858 the house had been the headquarters of the casino of the artisans of La Laguna, with the name of "El Povenir", which had been created by the Liberal Party of La Laguna for the center of meeting of the working classes and youth . Its owner was Don Juan del Hoyo-Sol Rzano and Peraza de Ayala, mayor of La Laguna from 1865 to 1868, leaving it in inheritance to his niece of Elvira Garc a de Mesa and Hoyo Sol Rzano, Marquesa de Celada for his marriage to Don Angel Ben Tez de Lugo and C Logan (1883-1928), who was mayor of La Laguna.

His son, the 16th Marquis of Celada, Don Francisco Ben Tez de Lugo and Garc a de Mesa (1883-1954), when he married Mar de Ascanio and Poggio, he lived in this house, which enabled and expanded in which I lived with his family in the twentieth century. The 17th Marquis of Celada, Don Diego Ben Tez de Lugo y Ascanio, turned it into a hotel, which is currently owned by his heirs.

Casa de los Marqueses de Celada (Hotel Nivaria)

SORIANO Y BENITEZ DE LUGO , Alfonso: Laguneras Houses and Families. The Lineages and Palaces of Nava-Grim and Salazar de Fr as.

C. MARQUES AND A.MARTIN : Architecture of La Laguna (Network of Historic Centers of the Canary Islands) .CICOP

Casa de los Marqueses de Celada (Hotel Nivaria)

The house has been completely rebuilt, respecting only the main body of the three-story mezzanine facade.

On the façade, the front and central windows framed in stone and stone corners stand out, keeping only the two-section stone staircase that appears to the right of the entrance.

In the main hall of the ground floor (where the current reception of the hotel is located) there are two shields carved in stone, coming from the facade of the palace of the Marquises of Celada in La Orotava, built in the middle of the 17th century with the weapons of its builders, which was grazing fire on August 15, 1716, and duly cleared of the consequences of the fire were all placed at the end of the forties of the twentieth century.

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La ubicación de este hotel es perfecta.Frente a la plaza del adelantado y en pleno centro de La Laguna. Además hay un parking a 50 metros.

El hotel por dentro es una preciosidad y la comida excelente.

Siempre que voy a La Laguna me alojo ahí






ubicación perfecta.

quizá un poco caro...