San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

La Laguna, throughout the nineteenth century, had a certain reputation as a sanatorium city , especially for lung patients, both local and foreign, as British characters such as AJ testified. Wharry, from the City of London Hospital, said: "The City of Agüere is the only mountain station established in the Canary Islands."

And it was just as in 1885, the Englishman, Don Benjam n A Renshaw, had the happy idea of opening a hotel to house, primarily, the Anglo-Saxon patients who come to heal their ailments in "this privileged climate". The place chosen was the house of Torrehermosa, on Calle La Carrera, built in 1736 by Don Ceso de la Torre y Ceballos, Captain of the Regiment of Gu u0308imar, member of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Tenerife and grandson of Don Juan de la Torre, councilman of Tenerife. It was a beautiful 3-storey building that had been the residence of the Bishop of Tenerife, Don Luis Folgueras and then, Colegio Mayor of the Canary Islands Institute.

The Gran Hotel Aguere Continental, which was named at the beginning, began to consolidate itself as one of the most emblematic places in La Laguna where guests, the largest professors of the University and the Institute, organized lively gatherings.

Since then, the family image of the hotel, although English patients began to be scarce, remained intact, preserving its fame and traditional elegance since for a long time and especially on Sunday afternoons, and organized delicious " T-dancers "enlivened by an orchestra. When summer came, La Laguna said goodbye to the students and became a resting place for many wealthy families who chose the hotel. (mainly from Santa Cruz)

Since 1920 the hotel has been acquired by Don Esteban Gonz lez D az; since 1955 he is inherited by his son, Don Juli n Gonz lez Gonz lez and then run by his 5 children under the social name of JULN N GONZ LEZ E HIJOS, S. A

It is currently owned by Grupo Fariones, SL

(Excerpt from the article published in the Diario de Avisos by Don Leocadio Machado)

Casa de Torre Hermosa

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Casa de Torre Hermosa

MUNICIPALITY San Crist bal de La Laguna

ZONE District1- Historic Center

ADDRESS Calle Obispo Rey Redondo, 55

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