San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

On the property of the house, according to the known data, its first owner was Mar a Bustamante and Vizca no, granddaughter of Antonio Vizca no. Later it was acquired by Bernardo Forstall, belonging to a family of Irish merchants, who in turn sold it in the 1860s to Jos Mart n Mendez, Can nigo and De n del Cabildo cathedral of La Laguna, who lived there purchased in 1859 with a four-year resale agreement.

Jos Mart n Mendez had been Clergy of minors and Benefitted from the church of Los Remedios de Buenavista, between 1820 and 1830. In the middle of this day he obtained a license to study at the University of San Fernando, in La Laguna. In the 1860s he also served as President of the Commission of Chaplains, Provisor, Vicar General and ecclesiastical Governor. He died in La Laguna on January 18, 1877, leaving his sister Mar a del Carmen as heiress, who donated the house to Trinidad Saavedra and Peraza.

According to the description of the last quarter of the 19th century, the house had an area of 453.56 square meters. Trinidad Saavedra died in La Laguna in February 1918, leaving her nephews Esteban and Vicente Saavedra Fern ndez as heirs. Vicente Saavedra died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in April 1936, passing the usufruct of Trinidad's inheritance to the widow of Vice ...

Casa Saavedra y Martinez Barona (Fundación Cristino de Vera)

The house today Fundacion Cristino de Vera is a cultural space constituted by the General Savings Bank of the Canary Islands, it is a private non-profit Foundation and a cultural, educational, scientific and arts promotion character. The foundation hosts the permanent work donated by Don Cristino de Vera, in addition to temporary exhibitions by other Canarian authors.

The current description of the building is that of a property of an inverted F-shaped plant, with a main façade of two bodies, which overlooks San Agust n Street, and an interior courtyard of

three sides. The current structure corresponds to

century XVIII. Dimensions

of the house are 884.71 square meters built, on

a plot of 498 square meters. Of these, 318.80 square meters, including open and covered areas, correspond to the ground floor, 333.62 square meters correspond to the upper floor and 85.57 square meters to the ground floor under cover or barn, adding between the three a total of constructed area of 737.99 square meters.

The set also has 146.72 square meters of patios and gardens, to complete the 884.71 square meters. In the new s tano plant, a surface built below ground level of 85.78 square meters has been enabled.

The museum project has been in charge of the architect Juan Pablo Rodr guez Frade, co-author of the rehabilitation with the architects Vicente and Fernando Saavedra Mart nez. The memories of

Execution Project dated from May ...

Casa Saavedra y Martinez Barona (Fundación Cristino de Vera)

The building has just been rehabilitated in May 2008. On the facade, the windows of the upper floor stand out, showing that in its realization the illustrated ideology was shuffled, so that the influence of a classicism and the almost full is detected overcoming the baroque.

The sash windows have wooden maros in which cornices adjoined with recessing stand, sills with concave molding u2013 convex and side frames imitating pilasters, whose interior is slightly recessed.

The sash windows of the lower floor replace two windows, corresponding to a reform of 1938.

In 1973 an important modification of the facade was made. In turn, the bearings found in the lower part of the windows were constructed of cement mortar, replaced in 1978 by those that currently have tea wood.

The eave is of canter a, with four circular moldings c ncavas.

The facade was completely rehabilitated, because the losses were already unrecoverable.

The same distribution of gaps was maintained, replacing on the ground floor, the sash windows, corresponding to the 1938 reform, with the windows that existed before them. Recovering in this way the initial facade.

The roof has not undergone changes, it is made with ceramic tiles. The extension of the roof, the eave, keeps ...

Casa Saavedra y Martinez Barona (Fundación Cristino de Vera)
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