San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

The old Roman house located in the street of San Agust n, constitutes a representative building within the Historical Heritage of the city of La Laguna.

This building was built in 1866 as a single-family home of the family of Colonel Gabriel Rom n Manrique de Lara. The house had several owners throughout its first 80 years of existence, until in 1925, it became the Political Politics College, where the careers and Agr Engineering Tailors are taught simultaneously nea. Since then the property begins to be dedicated to the teaching function that has characterized it to the present.

In 1956, the building was registered as the property of the Island Council of Tenerife and later it was transferred to the University serving as headquarters for several institutions and organizations of the same, such as:

The Social Council of the University of La Laguna, the Course of Pedagogical Adaptation (C: A: P), the Secretariat of Publications and the Institute of Political Studies.

In 1994 it became the National Distance Education University, first sharing use with the C: A: P, and the Secretariat, and two years later in 1996 and until today, only as Headquarters of the UNED .

The educational use requires that in successive stages the property be subject to actions and uncontrolled additions that came to undermine it practically in its entirety.

Casa Roman (UNED de Tenerife)

UNED TENERIFE . Associated Center of the UNED in Tenerife. San Crist bal de La Laguna 2001. Text by Maria Isabel Correa Brito.

Casa Roman (UNED de Tenerife)

The typology of the property corresponds to a rectangular floor plan with the building creaks around a central courtyard, two stories high and a block free of double height at the bottom of the backyard.

The new adaptation of the building consists in the adaptation of the building's dependencies for a modern teaching program and adapted to the current needs of the UNED, and in a surface extension totally necessary to develop the Center Library.

The entire rehabilitation project and works were carried out and directed by the architect Maria Isabel Correa Brito.

Casa Roman (UNED de Tenerife)

Work of the architect Maria Isabel Navarro Segura, the integral rehabilitation was carried out applying the intervention criteria that are listed below:

Remodeling of the building with the restoration of the original architectural elements of value and respecting the original typology of the building with a central courtyard.

Clarification of the physical structure of the building with the cleaning and demolition of multiple and disorderly constructions to adidas throughout the life of the building, to configure clear, orderly spaces and flexible areas that optimize the use of the building.

Solve the complete Program demanded by the property, consisting of:

Concierge a-Information, Free, Secretarial a-Public Attention, Administration (Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Manager, Warehouse), Assembly Hall, Exhibition Hall, Physics and Chemical Laboratory, Library and Archive, Computer Classroom, Video-Conference Classroom, Classrooms and Tutoring, Teachers' Room, Student Delegation, Male, female toilets and people with disabilities.

Resolve new space contributions, enclosures, carpentry, facilities, etc. always obeying a design criterion or with a current technological level, without any attempt of formal mimicry.

Maintain the fidelity of the original spirit of the harmonious and austere place, with the recreation of the architectural spaces disappeared and ordered again.

Casa Roman (UNED de Tenerife)

MUNICIPALITY San Crist bal de La Laguna

ZONE District1- Historic Center

ADDRESS Street San Agust n, 30

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