San Cristóbal de La Laguna
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Laguneras Houses and Families of Alfonso Soriano and Ben tez de Lugo

The Porlier family house was built in the second half of the 17th century. It was purchased from Mr. Antonio Jimenez Moscoso in 1698, by Mr. Juan de la Luz from Dutari y Fuentes, who was originally from Navarra and settled in La Laguna for the years 1668 to 1670, where in 1689 he married Jacobina Sopranis, owner of the mayorazgo founded by her father, Don Esteban Sopranis de la Haya and Fiesco, on their Bajamar farms in Tenerife and Gu a in Gran Canaria, on March 30, 1689. The daughter of this marriage, do Rita Juana de La Luz Sopranis Dutari, cas with Don Esteban Porlier and Du-Ruth, who from France settled in La Laguna in the first years of the 18th century, and was appointed by King Louis XVI, in 1709, general consul of France.

In the offspring of this marriage the property of this house continued, in which he was born, on April 16, 1722, Don Antonio Porlier y Sopranis, president of the Council of the Indies, appointed Minister of Grace and Justice by King Charles IV in 1790, the first canary to exercise such a high position, and created by this King I Marqu s de Bajamar in 1791.

Later he went to the Salazar Frias family, when he married Juana Porlier y Castilla in 1765, in which he returned to family leadership, with Mr. Mart n Salazar de Frias and Franchi, V count of the Salazar Valley. At the end of the 19th century she was the owner of Concepci n Salazar de Frias y Chirino, daughter of the VII count of the Salazar Valley, marquise of Villanueva del Prado for her marriage to Don Fernando de Nava and grim ny del Hoyo, and she was born there and lived Ildefonso de Castro and Salazar de Fr as (1858-1935), marqu s de la Fuente de las Palmas, grandson of the seventh count of the Salazar Valley. A request for marble, remember, on the facade of the house, his memory, as director of the Band of Faith, which fills a page of the artistic history of the city of La Laguna. Don Ildefonso married his second cousin to Mar a del Pilar de Ascanio and Le n-Huerta, born from this marriage, among others, to Mar a de la Concepci n de Castro y Ascanio, which was X Marquise de la Fuente de Las Palmas by Real Dispatch of July 3, 1908, wife of Don Elicio Lecuona and D az, in whose descent the noble title has continued, and Don Fernando de Castro Ascanio, whose marriage to Cipriana Meneses and Gonz lez, they were born from Pilar and from Candelaria de Castro Meneses, current owners of the house.

Casa Porlier

SORIANO AND BEN TEZ DE LUGO, ALFONSO.: House and lagoon families, LOS LINAJES Y PALACIOS DE NAVA-GRIM NY SALAZAR DE FRIAS.Excmo.City Hall of San Crist Bal de La Laguna- Caja Canarias. Social and Cultural Work. 2007

Casa Porlier

The house adjoins the current building of the Leal Theater, with three floors and a facade with all its holes organized symmetrically. The holes on the ground floor are the main door framed in gray canter flanked by two doors on each side that are currently the accesses for commercial use establishments. The main door is made of different sizes but placed according to an orderly scheme. The leaves are reinforced with iron fittings. Located in the Obispo Rey round street next to the Loyal Theater undergoes transformations throughout the 18th century. In 1923 a remodeling was carried out in the subsequent rooms and in 1986 the right previous room was reformed after a fire happened on January 11 of the same year.

The first floor is a centrally located closed balcony and two sash windows on each side. The cannons or support beams of the balcony are evenly placed in the opening, the lateral pilates of the balcony being aligned with the end dogs.

The lower dogs are molded by beading, gola and fourth jail, while the upper ones are molded with an inverted crow's beak presenting a few lugs. The sleeping support of the dogs is also molded.

The most relevant aspect of the façade is the three oval windows on the last floor that hide as many previous square squares. This reform was carried out in order to beautify the exterior aspect to be rehabilitated as housing ...

Casa Porlier
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