San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

The name of the house responds to the birth of the Apostol of Brazil, the Jesuit Father Jos de Anchieta, as a marble plaque on its facade recalls.

The house, mainly from the 17th century, was built on another one from the beginning of the 16th century, which was supposed to be owned by Bachelor Nu or P rez. At his death, his widow Mencia D az de Clavijo, married in second nuptials with the captain and public scribe of Tenerife Juan de Anchieta, parents of the Blessed. Later the house was owned by Diego Ben Tez de Anchieta (1563-1636), author of the 17th century building, which is preserved on the side facade. Later in the 19th century in 1905 the main facade was remodeled.

This house was the residence of the poet Manuel Verdugo (1877-1958), and subsequently from 1962 the Femnenino Colegio Mayor "Virgen de la Candelaria" is located.

The House is rehabilitated by the City Council of La Laguna, and used by the bishopric of Tenerife after the Salazar Palace fire while the reconstruction of the property located on San Agust Street n.

Casa Anchieta

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Casa Anchieta

The original 16th-century house occupied the corner of the square with Quinteras Street, where the Casa de la Quintera had been in that century, was rebuilt in the 17th century, and renovated by the architect Mariano Estanga in 1905 in ecl language cico, regularizing the gaps, and remaking the plastered walls with cement mortar, making decorative fences in the gaps and placing iron balconies. The claustral type general structure and the cabinet organization required by its occupants engaged in public offices are preserved from the primitive dwelling. The house is known to have a coat of arms. At present, only the foundations visible in the era that overlooks the garden belong to the 16th-century factory.

The current building is arranged around three facades to the street. The main façade is distributed on two levels with opening of symmetrical and adintelado gaps. The second floor stands out in which the balconies and window sills are protected by a lattice executed in wrought iron.

The facade is of neoclassical style, while the side facade of asymmetric and irregular layout in the distribution of its gaps, maintains its original appearance.

The interior of the building maintains the distribution of the rooms around a patio, highlighting the right feet of the gallery and the access door behind the hall with colored glass.

Promoted by the City Council of La Laguna in September 1990, the House Rehabilitation project is carried out by the architects ...

Casa Anchieta

MUNICIPALITY San Crist bal de La Laguna

ZONE District1- Historic Center

ADDRESS Plaza del Adelantado, 10

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