San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Religiosa. Capillas -

Traditional urban chapel, small or rectangular votive precinct, whose first building was located in the countryside, to be moved and rebuilt to its current location in 1810, by Jos Amaral, to produce the distribution of the valley, next to the chapel of the
Quint n Benito Street corner Plaza de San Francisco. For that reason of proximity between both chapels, Quint n Benito Street is traditionally known as Calle de las Cruces. The Cross that is venerated in its interior is made in plater a, with its golden ends. This type of urban chapels is motivated by the historical and traditional lagoon devotion to the Cross. The chapel that occupies us was maintained by the Brotherhood of Brothers, and being the object of a recent restoration.

Capilla Cruz de Los Herreros

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Capilla Cruz de Los Herreros

Eclectic architecture, it has an ocher color with gray highlights.

The enclosure material is made of stone, lime and mud, covered with mortar and gray stone.

The openings are constituted by a door in brown wood, with a double smooth leaf, with paired slab in wrought iron, framed by means of a gray canter by a semicircular arch. It is topped laterally with gray canter. On its side facade, a medium-sized cross in tea wood is attached.

Superiorly it is topped by a triple layer eave of tiles. The side and left sides are painted light blue.

The roof is sloped with roof tiles.

Capilla Cruz de Los Herreros
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