San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Espacios Urbanos. Callejónes -

Alley that led to one of the sides of the Plaza del Adelantado. Call of Las Quinteras for the existence of a house owned by a woman named, La Quintera and this indication appears in the Tazm of 1552, where The street is delimited. This is how this description appears saying, the street of the Plaza Mayor, from the corner of Isabel Nu ez, to the house of the Quintera.

It was also known as Alley of the Sacristn , being intimately linked to the church and convent of Santo Domingo, located parallel to Santo Domingo Street and which before flowed behind the convent, in the ravine.

GARCIA, CARLOS : The Old Streets of La Laguna. Its nomenclature from the 16th century until our days. Center of the Canarian Popular Culture, 1994.

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