San Cristóbal de La Laguna
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Previously it was called Calle de Moya , as a result of the home of a neighbor with apedicle, Francisco de Moya, and also as Calle del Consulado for having occupied a house there, on the corner of Tabares de Cala, the Royal Maritime and Terrestrial Consulate. Even as calle de los Oficios and calle de las Piteras , undoubtedly so named because a large number of these plants are found there.

The current name derives from the Bencomo brothers, D.Cristóbal, D.Pedro and D.Santiago, who were born in a house on the corner in the 18th century, and who became famous, in addition to other circumstances, for paying for the rebuilding of the lagoon cathedral.

Another name that defined this street was the one that identified it as Calle del Tambor . Also in 1592 it received the name of Calle de Espinosa .

Calle Bencomo

The street is one of the narrowest compared to the rest of the historic center. The singular buildings are varied with traditional houses of two and three floors, highlighting at the ends the Cathedral and the Plaza de Fray Albino and the current Casino (Palacete Rodríguez Acero).

Calle Bencomo

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Calle Bencomo
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