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On March 16, 2005, the rector of the University of La Laguna, Angel M. Guti Rrez, thanked the municipality of the municipality for the 'noble initiative ' to label with the name of Jos Luis Moreno Becerra the main avenue of the university campus of Guajara

The event was attended by the mayor, at that time, of La Laguna, Ana Oramas, and representatives of both the consistory and the academic world, as well as the family of the deceased.


Jos Luis Moreno was part of the teaching staff that began in the course of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Laguna. He was a very active person and who participated prominently in many tasks of government and management of the university institution as such.

He held different positions such as the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Reform of the statutes of the University of La Laguna between 1988 and 1990, the Director of the Department of Economics of Institutions, Economic Statistics and Econometrics and the Program Coordinator of Doctorate: 'E Education, Employment and Local Development ' from 1998 to 2000.

The greatest importance was in the scientific field. He was a Doctor of Economic and Business Sciences (1980) and Professor of Applied Economics (1986), also completing a postgraduate degree in Economics of Education in California, United States (1981-1982).

This Master was where he specialized in Economics of Education, where economic aspects are mixed with others of a cultural and social type and redistributive aspects and economic growth.

He is interested in the fields of Labor Economics, Regional Economics, Economic Policy and Public Policies.

He made a total of 24 publications, several of them are monographic books. And among them the one of the Economy of Education shines because it has been and is used by several universities as a manual of the subject of the same name.

Within the thematic field. Dr. Jos Luis is considered one of the greatest researchers. His name is found as a social scientist as of the 14th edition of the International Yearbook 'Who is who in the world ' for his contributions as a researcher and author of many social studies.

He was a true promoter of scientific events and actively participated in many initiatives that were aimed at the regional development of the Canary Islands.

Dr. Moreno always understood the economy in a very humane way and was looking for ways to disseminate research in ways that were useful for the well-being of the majority of the population.

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