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Roque de las Bodegas is a house or belonging to the Anaga delimitation, within the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and it is a coastal settlement of Taganana and a former jetty, in Playa del Roque. Although the old wineries for shipment that exist there have disappeared, the name of the settlement in honor of them remains bequeathed. These were very important in the conservation of wine and its subsequent trade with Europe and America. Later it became a coastal enclave where the inhabitants of Taganana and Alm ciga moved to take a boat to take them to Santa Cruz or Punta del Hidalgo.

At present, this coastal region is considered an important point of leisure and tourism interest on the island, thus being a fundamental enclave in the economy of the region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, some families lived on the beach, and at the beginning of the 1970s the first businesses (bars and restaurants) were installed.

It lacks traditional old houses since in the past it was limited only to some wineries of dry stone that have disappeared today, currently becoming a population center in which food houses and apartments dominate.

As for the beach, it is one of the most splendid Anaga. It is black sand in the tidal zone, while in its upper part, it houses many stones. It is delimited by the Roque that gives it its name.

suspension areas

Processing Status

- Final Approval of the Master Plan for the Use and Management of Anaga Rural Park, published on 06/03/2007 in the BOC 2007/047.

- areas with suspension of the validity of the management instruments (art. 23 d. 55/2006).

Classification: Rustic Soil

Category: Rural Rural Settlement Land

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Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.

Miguel ngel Fern ndez Matr n.

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Gislane Hasse

Sendy Hern ndez lvarez.

Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

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Comentario No es correcto ya que si existen alguna de esas antiguas bodegas,otra cosa es que en su día se fabricara encima,pero la primitiva bodega aun existe tal y como era,incluso el lagar donde se pisaba el vino. Roque de las bodegas,9

Alberto Gonzalez



Comentario Si queda por lo menos una ,de las antiguas bodega,en el Nº9 , incluso el lagar donde se pisaba la uva, La antigua bodega hoy se destina a la venta de artesania,pero sigue conservando las barricas y los antiguos muros de piedra granito de la zona, que se mezclaban con la arena del mar,lavada en el barranco contiguo,

Alberto Gonzalez

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