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The Abicore or Abicor road is a traditional road already used since the pre-Hispanic era and linking the valleys of San Andr sy Taganana, through the gully of the Gollada de Abicore, these being the most traditional traditional in the region and that its Original layout remains almost intact. The itinerary is one of the most spectacular in Anaga, and allows you to discover authentic treasures from the monteverde, the panoramic views from the spine of Abicore towards Taganana, a gallery of canary willows, permanent water streams almost all year and a lot of history.

The Abicore Traditional Road, divided into six homogenous sections, connects in just 9.16 kilometers long, a good handful of architectural, ethnographic, botanical, hydraulic and geological landmarks. Its route crosses a great variety of ecosystems and landscapes, and also allows to develop variants that connect with El Bailadero and Las Vueltas de Taganana, thus revitalizing an important section of the Camino de la Cumbre or Las Monta as.

It begins in the coastal enclave of San Andr s and the tour begins on the Cercado Road until the end of the asphalting, about 3.2 km away, rising 200 meters above sea level in the so-called Caser or Vi a Vieja.

Continue along the road until you reach the houses of Cresal, passing through the great palm grove where we will ascend to almost 700 meters. The red rough road is easily recognizable. Vegetation is abundant, where we find palm trees, brambles, tunnels, ferns, verodes, cardones and an extensive averal ca.

We cross the channel of the Barranco de El Cercado on several occasions, until we reach the highest point of the hill. During this section, there are different buildings at the foot of the road, most likely win and implements.

Vegetation is changing, so we will find different species of fayal-heather. Take the concrete road on the left reaching kilometer 12 of the TF-12 road, in the area known as Degollada de Abicore, Dorsal de Anaga.

Crossing the road the road continues, going up to the left, to the Forest House located in Casas de La Cumbre, Cruz de Taganana and Vueltas de Taganana, where we go down to the coast.

We will begin the descent through the Lico de Abicore, about 7.5 km away we will meet the Abicore viewpoint, and passing the Camino de Los Lirios we will reach Taganana having traveled about 9.2 km.

In 2013, the capital city council made an inventory of the traditional roads of the Anaga region. In this context, in addition to carrying out the inventory, the possibility of selecting one of the roads included in the Anaga sector belonging to the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was proposed to propose its recovery and enhancement: the one that connects the villages of Taganana and San Andr s by the Gollada de Abicore.

Already in 2015, the City Council promoted the Abicore road with routes for students and in Infobox de San Andr s took a day to disseminate the results of the project.

The project, funded by the Rural Development Program of the Canary Islands 2007-2013, pursues different objectives, including the recovery of the memory, uses and history of this path and the relationship between the towns of Taganana and San Andr s. In addition, this initiative also favored the socioeconomic and tourist projection of the route, as well as the promotion of the values of the natural and cultural heritage of the Anaga Rural Park.


General Directorate of Territorial Planning.

- Resolution of February 7, 2007, which publishes the Agreement of the Commission for the Planning of the Territory and Environment of the Canary Islands, in a session of July 20, 2006, which definitively approves the Master Plan of Use and Management of the Anaga Rural Park (Tenerife).


Anaga Rural Park.


Not approved

Not declared BIC

In the following link, you can watch a video made by the Sustainable Santa Cruz Foundation, which developed during the year 2015 the project Actions for the promotion of the Abicore Road in the Anaga Rural Park, an initiative funded by the Association n Tenerife Rural Development Insular AIDER that had several lines of action aimed at strengthening the recovery of road heritage developed in recent years in collaboration with the University of La Laguna. One of the products that resulted from this work was the preparation of the Abicore documentary : two villages linked by a road , a document of great value based on conducting oral interviews with residents of the towns of San Andr and Taganana.

- Basic Inventory of the Traditional Paths of the Anaga Rural Park in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2014).

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- Video for playback:

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Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz

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