- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. S.XX y Posterior -

It is a property divided into two floors that is arranged following the decline of the va in which it is located. The openings are distributed symmetrically in the facade and are all knurled. In the central axis the access is opened and on it the balcony. The windows in the upper part are delimited by moldings in the form of flat pilasters with fine-cut incisions and decorative trim in the central part. All the openings are decorated with a garland base. Two lower openings, the balcony and the top of the building are constituted by balusters that are accompanied by circular decorative motifs. The balcony is supported by cells that stand out even more for the chromatic highlight of the white color over the rest of the construction polychrome. Undoubtedly, the bill for this construction is ecological and dated in the first third of the 20th century.

Calle De Los Sueños, 30

Facade of symmetrical composition with three holes per floor aligned according to vertical axes. On the central axis the access door and a balcony on the floor, with balustrade. The facade consists of a z calo and two levels separated by an intermediate molding, it is topped by a frieze decorated with boxes under the cornice and modulated parapet with blind walls and precast concrete elements. All openings framed, with straight lintels and superior decoration. On the ground floor there are openings with a slab of precast concrete elements and garlands decorating the lintels. Semi tano garage door, well integrated under a window

Calle De Los Sueños, 30


ZONE Anaga District. Salamanca.

ADDRESS Calle De Los Sue os, 30;

Calle De Los Sueños, 30
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