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Large landscaped garden articulated around an English mansion building in one of the residential areas of Santa Cruz. The set was carried out approximately in the middle of the twenties of the twentieth century by its promoter, Gabriel Oliver, as a private chalet residence, under strictly English guidelines and following the lines of the mansions of the English countryside, where large wooded spaces and gardens give way to pseudo-classic mansions that socially dignify the people who stay in them. Perhaps the garden is the most striking element of the whole complex, with a great variety of trees and with extreme care in its development, alternated with large areas of lawn and flower beds with numerous floral species both automatic and foreign. Deeply related to the space of this spectacular garden is the architecture, both elements being part of the same composition. During the decade of the sixties of the twentieth century the original owners wanted to sell all the property to developers for the realization of luxury homes, but after a detailed study and given the existing botanical wealth and its high ecological value, I decided not to chop the plot and not build anything that would destroy the existing environmental quality. It was then decided to sell it to a community of owners who, in 1971, wanted to turn this magnificent place into a private recreational club, creating the Club Oliver society, as it is known today.


Within a irregularly shaped plot a composition of two relevant elements is developed, the main house and the surrounding garden. The house is square, with a four-water roof. Notable is the free space granted by means of a front porch with cover and without slope, supported by two columns and with an entablature in the front. The window openings are simple with a guillotine opening system.



ZONE Anaga District. The hills.

DIRECTION Camino Oliver, 15;

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