- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. S.XX y Posterior -

Detached villa type house projected in 1964 under the plans of the architects Javier D az-Llanos La Roche and Vicente Saavedra Mart nez for the Royal family, in the first foothills of the hillside of the mountain of Ifara, in what is called as La Ninfa urbanization. The construction work is completed in 1968, constituting immediately one of the best examples of modern architecture or international style in the field of single-family homes. As an outstanding feature, the house is lightly coupled to a very steep terrain to make the different platforms on which the distribution of spaces is organized as terraces or terraces, being communicated through interesting stairs, creating a beautiful succession of spaces in which the lights and shadows play properly. The wise choice of the different materials: terrazzo pavements, broken marble, basalt in the containment walls and the concrete that dominates almost everything, in conjunction with an extraordinary vegetation, give a sensation of definitive coupling of the set to the place where it rises.

Building organized staggered at various heights from the street, corresponding to the first level inhabited to the common units, the second level to the bedrooms and the last floor is an auxiliary service, all of them are communicated through a linear staircase, located in cross section inside. The building is set back as it rises in height, leaning on the ground with retaining walls. The basic building material is concrete which is exposed in the elements that help define horizontal platforms, slab edges, sills, etc., while the rest of the vertical walls are covered with slabs. of stone placed horizontally. Elements of interest: Front garden. Game of vol menes. Materials treatment


ZONE Anaga District. Salamanca.

ADDRESS Rub n Marichal Street L pez, 93. La Ninfa.

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