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This villa house located in the residential area of Las Mimosas was built at the initiative of the owner Juan Ojeda Zamorano under a project written at the end of 1934 by the architect Jos Enrique Marrero Regalado. The work was completed at the end of the following year, immediately becoming one of the most interesting constructions of this new residential area in the west of the city, located on the slopes of the mountains and from where a wide view of the plot was dominated Urban and sea. Its typological language is framed within the canons of architectural rationalism so in vogue at that time. The plant is very interesting although its distribution is atypical, being accessed at an intermediate level and the kitchen and dining room being on different floors, in a forced solution. Also surprising is the game of closed and open spaces (such as terraces), where the latter are stretched over the building itself to take advantage of the beautiful views of the panorama that can be seen from there. This house, in its formality, is closer to the way of the architect Mart n Fern ndez de la Torre and his collaborator Oppel than Marrero himself; although he felt influenced in those years by the work of the previous modem. VARIOUS AUTHORS: Marrero Regalado (1897-1956). Architecture as set design, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1992, p g. 132

Building of rectangular plant and height of two levels and a lateral body of three. It consists of the combination of pure volumes of straight edges. The building adapts to the decline of the land by arranging the entrance on the upper level in which, from the lobby, you access a common sector (living room), a linear circulation that distributes to the different rooms for bedrooms or the lower floor where the rest of the common and service units are located. It is noteworthy the combination of full and empty spaces that generate places for terraces that line up vertically on the same body. The facade is asymmetrical with openings neatly arranged in the form of carpentry to run.


ZONE Anaga District. The hills.

ADDRESS Las Mimosas, 11

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