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The Bater a de San Andr s, located in the homonymous town of San Andr s in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is considered as the First Bater de Costa or Bater a G-10, near Las Teresitas beach. It was located on the top of the San Roque Mountain, a small cove between the ravines of Las Huertas and El Cercado, very close to the town center, and also near the Tower of San Andr s. Together with the nests and the bunker, they comprise the main defense of this part of the island.
Dependent on RAMIX 93, a regiment that had up to 12 Costa Batteries remaining in 1965 with two: the First San Andr s and the Seventh Los Moriscos, with Mando and Plana Mayor of RAMIX93 at the Almeyda Barracks. It has two Vickers 152.4 / 50 cannons, which come from the old Galicia cruise ship in addition to different elements of anti-area protection, machine guns, etc. One of these Vickers can now be found within the objects of the Center for Military History and Culture of the Canary Islands, in the gardens of the Cuartel de Almeyda; and the other piece, in this case the tube of the canyon, was moved in 2006 to the Santa Barbara neighborhood in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos, north of the island.

By only having 2 pieces, its template was as follows:
1 Capit n Chief
2 Lieutenants (Line Manager, Shot Direction)
1 Brigade (Administrative Assistant)
3 Sergeants (2 piece managers, 1 shooting direction,)
2 First Cabos (Direction of shooting, ammunition)
4 CASE (specialists)
10 Cabos (1 furriel, 3 ...

This battery is the Main Battery, which is why different support establishments were built nearby, such as a night projector and a command post and tel meter at the top of the Watchtower of San Andr s.

The arrangement of the different posts is linear in relation to the coastline. To the east one of the canyons was located, followed to the west with the different positions for the spare parts for projectiles and devices, a machine room, the second cannon (or piece as it is called in the plans of the fortification) n, and finally the position of the unit's captain. To these locations will have to be added the trench elements and wells of shooters scattered on the same terrain on the slope, which could be up to 7.

Batería de San Andrés

Currently, the area is in a state of abandonment. Although there are no recovery projects in force at the stations as well as the different annexed areas that accompany the complex such as the nests or the bunker, in 2017 the session through a series of conferences by different experts, promotes a 'Meeting International on Recent Military Heritage 'where the state of military buildings in the city will be announced as well as new ideas for their revaluation.

The conference was organized by the Councilor for Historical Heritage of the City Council, in collaboration with the Center for Military History and Culture of the Canary Islands. The director of this center, General Fernando Gonz lez Arteaga; the Councilor for Historical Heritage, Yolanda Molin and the coordinator of the Meeting, Jos Juan Cano, also participated in an opening ceremony attended by those responsible for Historical Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands and El Cabido.

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Anaga District AREA


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