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Four-storey residential building, the ground floor being commercial. Building of Marrero Regalado from the 40s within the so-called neo-Canarian style where classic, historicist elements and elements of regional architecture are mixed. It is flanked by two turrets with sash windows and roof slabs covered with tiles; The central body has a mixture typical of the baroque and classicist cover.

See also, File of the Cat Logo of Architectural and Urban Heritage, Page 449. Partial Final Approval PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2013.

Avda. 25 de Julio, 37

Four-storey building between medians. The symbolic façade sits on a basement that overcomes the unevenness of the street, on which four vertical bodies rise. The central body is wider with three openings per plant aligned vertically. It has by coronation a central hollow of curved forms and finish as a front n. On the central vertical axis on the ground floor, a stone cover is opened on two levels, separated by a cornice, on the first the access door is tilted by two pilasters, on the second level of the cover there is a very decorated central hollow with scrolls, shield and curved front. The two lateral bodies to the central are developed by terraces finished in balconies with wooden sill. Sloping the facade two towers are topped by eaves and roofs inclined to four shingle waters. They have only one opening per floor, sash windows and on the last level there are three openings of semicircular arches. In the upper part of the facade there are seven stone rgolas. Windows with horizontal shutters, sills, frames and wooden bearings. On the terraces the detail of the plaster ceiling stands out, with a design or based on curved shapes. Elements of Interest: Zagu n, hall and staircase. Wood carpentry, sash windows. Cover and g rgolas of stone. Rosettes Wooden balconies. Eave and roofs of tiles in towers. False ceiling of plaster in terraces

Avda. 25 de Julio, 37

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife
AREA Centro-Ifara District
ADDRESS Avda. July 25, 37.

Avda. 25 de Julio, 37

Degree of Protection: Environmental File n 449.

Catalog of Protection of Architectural and Urban Heritage. PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2014 Partial Definitive Approval.

Avda. 25 de Julio, 37

File of the Cat Logo of Architectural and Urban Heritage of the PGO Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2013. Vol.3. Volume 3.2.1.

Editorial and research team: Architecture Unit of the CICOP Foundation.
Miguel ngel Fern ndez Matr n.
Gislaine Hasse
Jos Luis D will read Mart nez.
Sendy Hern ndez lvarez.

Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

Avda. 25 de Julio, 37
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