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In 2000, the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife commissioned the sculpture artist Med n Mart n Barrios a sculpture, who wanted to pay tribute to the water carriers. They collect water from public sources to the houses where they have their services. Until 1706, a public source was first established in the capital of Tenerife.

This sculpture was erected in the Santo Domingo square, and there it continues today, together with the fountain (1893); both protected heritage, since they are part of the Historic Complex belonging to the area of Calle de la Noria, La Recova and the Theater.

The role of the water carriers was very important, mainly in times of drought, when the water supply did not exist. Their role was also important when they supplied the troops that were in Paso Alto, defending against the attack of the English.

Aguadora (Medín Martín)

There is a woman of natural size, dressed in a suit and apron typical of the profession of the aguadores of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with a container in the head in a parallel way as a ctaro. Show a gentle waiting attitude; It seems to observe the atmosphere that is lived in the street, attending to the pedestrians who, for example, cross their path.




HEIGHT u2248 2.14 m.

WIDTH u2248 0.80 m.

FUND u2248 0.35 m.

Aguadora (Medín Martín)

Med n Mart n Barrios was born in Bre a Alta (La Palma) in 1955. He began his studies in Artistic Drawing, Painting and Modeling in 1972 in La Palma, continuing later in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in the renowned Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid) .Since 1979 he began his work as a teacher, teaching modeling and emptying at the Fernando Est Once School of Art (located on Camino del Hierro 6 street in the capital of Tenerife) and of which being a later professor (occupying a definitive position in 1982), and at the University of La Laguna until 1983.

He has held several exhibitions collectively in La Laguna, in Santa Cruz, Barcelona, in the COAC of Santa Cruz, in La Palma, in Fuerteventura, in Lanzarote, participated in ARCO u2026etc and exhibitions individually in the Ateneo de La Laguna , in the Circle of Fine Arts of Santa Cruz, in the Galleria a Arte Magda L zaro (Santa Cruz), Los Cristianos, In the Art and Culture Hall of CajaCanarias (La Laguna) u2026etc.

Among his most outstanding works we have: u201Aguadora ', u201Emigrant tribute ' or u201A look at the sea '.

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS N Santo Domingo Square


X 377,513.36

And 3,149,496.32

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Hall. u201 Inventory of Personal Property ' (Councilor for Culture).

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