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The original sculpture was made in bronze in 1909, on the occasion of the tribute that was paid in the city of Barcelona to Angel Guimer by the artist Josep Cardona i Furr. There are three replicas made by the sculptor Josep.M Codina and Corona, one located in the Plaza San Jos Oriol in Barcelona, another in a garden area on Xavier de el Vendrell street and the one located in the vicinity of the Guimer Theater, in the capital tinerfe a.

Ángel Guimerá y Jorge (Josep Cardona i Furró)

We see Guimer and Jorge (writer, poet and playwright) born in Tenerife, comfortably seated, lying on his left arm. Dressed in suit and jacket, typical of the time (S.XIX-S.XX). With an aristocratic air and a calm attitude, it seems to be posing in the middle of two emblematic buildings for the city, such as the Guimer Theater and the Recova.


Cast in bronze


HEIGHT u2248

WIDTH u2248

FUND u2248

Ángel Guimerá y Jorge (Josep Cardona i Furró)

Sculptor and painter Josep Cardona i Furr (1878-1922), considered a sculptor of Catalan post-modernism and a great portraitist, enjoyed a certain fame.

In 1889 he began his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, in decorative painting, and later (in 1885) he devoted himself to higher studies in painting, sculpture and engraving.

I shared a workshop with Pablo Ruiz Picasso. He made frequent trips to Paris in order to be in direct contact with the center of modernity of the moment, and be able to soak up all this. He was in Argentina, in Madrid and exhibited in the United States.

As for what the subject refers to, on the one hand, he made customary figures, workers in a work attitude or resting and in which they even appeared. And on the other, making portraits of high society and the world of culture, in which I print some elegant and simple 'rosses ', also showing in detail the features, character and personality of the portrayed.

At the end of the 19th century, the world of sculpture underwent important changes. Authors such as Rodin and Meunier appear, causing great influence on Catalan artists and Cardona was no exception.

His work in general as a naturalist character, was in Catalan post-modernism, however he seemed to have opted for that new nineteenth-century aesthetic of the moment.

MUNICIPALITY Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AREA Downtown Ifara District

ADDRESS N Plaza de La Isla de La Madera


X 377.582.12

And 3,149,425.34

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