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Duque de la Torre street is part of the foundational area of the Arona core, whose origins date back to the foundation of the primitive hermitage of San Antonio Abad by Ant n Dom nguez, 'el Viejo ' in 1625, owner of much of the land between Los Cristianos and Los Quemados and resident in the place known as 'Casitas de Altavista ', on the current town of Arona. Around the temple and throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the early settlement will be set up, characterized by its marked rural character and with a disseminated settlement, which, already entered the nineteenth, give rise to a greater definition of The historic urban plot. This is based on the Church Square and two descending streets - Duque de la Torre Street and Dom Nguez Alfonso Street -, connected to each other by La Luna, del Medio and La Constitucion streets.

- Bibliograf a: DECREE 70/2007, of April 2, declaring the historic center of Arona as a Site of Cultural Interest, with a category of Historic Set. Annex

- Guide of the Arona Historical Ensemble. Arona town hall.

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